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Version 2.01 December 2014
Relais – Gourmet -­‐ Wellness
Client information
By completing the information form, the client confirms
the complete and truthful nature of this information, and
accepts full responsibility in the event of any false,
incomplete or erroneous data.
The images of the rooms reproduced in the catalogues
and on the website are simply for illustration and are not
binding. Within each category there may be differences in
position, size, partitioning and furniture.
Gu st contract
3.1 The guest contract is established between the client
and the hotel; therefore, all duties and rights arising from
them remain directly and exclusively between the client
and hotel, without prejudice to the responsibility of any
intermediary (travel agency).
3.2 Payment
The completion of the reservation of the room/services,
with the conclusion of the guest contract, will only take
place when the hotel has received payment of the
confirmation deposit equal to 30% of the total cost of the
visit reserved.
The client must make the full payment for the reservation
no later than 21 days before the start of the visit.
If the reservation is made less than 21 days before the
visit, the payment must be made fully upon confirmation
of the reservation.
3.3 The hotel will send the client, through the agency via
email or other means, written confirmation of the
reservation which must be presented upon arrival at the
hotel as a voucher, as acknowledgment of the client’s
3.4 Upon payment of the confirmation deposit, the client
accepts the general conditions of the guest contract,
especially the conditions regarding cancellation and
subsequent penalty payment.
In the event of a failure to make the full payment no later
than 21 days before the start of the visit, the hotel has the
right to terminate the contract, and retain the
confirmation deposit paid by the client.
The hotel also has the right to retain the following
amounts as a penalty, in the event of reservation
penalty equal to 25% of the total service, as well
as the deposit of 30%, in the event of a cancellation
received by the hotel between 20 and 12 days before the
visit start date;
penalty equal to 50% of the total service, as well
as the deposit of 30%, in the event of a cancellation
received by the hotel in the 11 days before the visit start
penalty equal to 100% of the total service, in the
event of a no show.
Services not used, especially meals not taken, cannot be
The termination/cancell
communicated in writin
at the following address:
In the event of early de
ght to
retain the payment for
different subsequent agreements are made.
To avoid the loss of the confirmation deposit or being
charged cancellation penalties, the client may request the
drawing up of an appropriate insurance policy with the
travel agency.
Arrival and departure times
The hotel room is available for the client from 3pm on the
arrival day, and must be vacated no later than 11am on
the day of departure. If access to the room is requested
before this time on the day of arrival or after this time on
the day of departure, the hotel may request an additional
Obligations of the hotel manager
In the event where the room reserved by the client is not
available due to an error by the hotel, an equivalent or
superior arrangement must be found.
In the event of a modification of rates, the hotel must
ensure that higher rates are not applied to those in force
when the reservation was completed.
Other services
All additional services provided by the hotel which are
not pre-­‐paid, shall be paid before the client leaves the
Credit cards accepted by the hotel: VISA, MasterCard and
American Express.
Any complaints will only be taken into consideration if
presented to the hotel with a written declaration
submitted to the reception during the client’s stay.
Competent authority
In the event of a dispute between the parties, the Court of
Alessandria is the only competent authority.
11 Miscellaneous
For anything not expressly set forth herein, the provisions
of the Italian Civil Code are to be applied to the guest
contract and to contracts in general.
In accordance with the Privacy Code, the processing of
personal information will be carried out using IT for the
sole objective of fulfilling the contract. For further
information, it is possible to consult the data controller,
Mr. Marco Casalegno. In any case, the client may have
access to his/her own personal information and modify it,
by submitting a written request to do so.
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